Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rectangular Net Bag - Square-mesh Style

Last week's Rectangular Net Bag (made with square-mesh netting) was just an experiment to see it I could do it.  This week I have worked on two different bags - a medium size one, and a small one.  I think they turned out much better than the first one.

The small size is perfect as a baby-shower gift bag.  It's big enough to hold the bibs I make and to hold bibs, toys, or whatever the new mother wants to put in it.

The medium one is a bit bigger.  I needed a bag to take my books back to the library, I only had a few, so I piled them in and it worked great going there.  The only problem was that while there I checked out more than a few books and some of those over-sized, so it did not hold everything on the way home.

I kind of like the look of the square meshes on the bottom of the bag.

This week I've also finished the videos devoted to making a rectangle of square-mesh netting.  I was all excited, thinking the class was almost ready.  Then, in the process of making the bags, I created a couple of different handles, one for each bag.  As I made the first one I realized that there was one, maybe two, more videos I needed to make for the Square-mesh Netting class.  I've listed it on the syllabus page for the Square-mesh Netting class.

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