Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

This has been a very busy time of year. Projects are getting completed, just not photographed yet. I did take some time yesterday to update the snood page of my website. It now has additional photos of several different styles and stitches.

The separate pages are children and adult snoods, if you want to visit them directly.

And now for our 2009 Christmas poem.

Bethlehem Treasure

Where in this desert can we find a well to fill our empty vessels running o'er?
Where is He who will rescue Israel, the Promised One we've so long waited for?
In Bethlehem of Judah, scriptures say, the long-awaited Sovereign will be born.
Behold! The star that guides us points the way. Haste! Lest delay should bring imperial scorn.

But, lo, a humble dwelling here we find. No palace this! Yet reverently we kneel
To give these gifts, as if for all mankind, to One whose majesty our souls can feel.
This burning in our hearts bids us behold with eyes to see beyond our dusty scrolls,
As if eternity would here unfold a priceless understanding to our souls.

He comes to minister to everyone, both those men love and those whom men despise.
He'll bear our pains and griefs, the very Son of God, for each of us he'll agonize.
And so He's come at last, as prophets said, the One who brings us hope in darkest night,
That those who mourn in shadows may be led to see the dawn of faith and love and light.

Lo, after He has borne our sins and tears and died, He'll rise and live forevermore.
Through all millennia, centuries, and years, each one of us whose pain and grief He bore
Can treasure memories of His sublime and humble birth. Each heart may keep one of
These treasured gems to ponder every time the soul would bathe in warm, refreshing love.

Through countless generations you'll recall the light that shines for us in Bethlehem
And know He lives! His light still shines for all mankind who've lived or will live, all of them!
To seek this child we've traveled long and far, traversing deserts; perilous paths we've trod.
Yet we were guided by a heavenly star to find this child. This is the Son of God!

He's come to earth that He might consecrate His life for those who dwell in every land.
He manifests to us a love so great, it goes beyond our power to understand.
Now rise and render homage into deeds of love and service quietly bestowed
On those beset with silent, hidden needs, as well on those who bear an obvious load.

If we can dry a tear or render care to one with broken heart or feeble hand,
That deed will manifest the love we bear to Him who sees all. This is His command,
That we might live with love for one another, helping those whose lives seem gray and grim.
Be they a sister frail or ailing brother, the load we bear for them is borne for Him.

Merry Christmas from our family.