Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Knitter's Casket: a new series of receipts in Knitting and Netting

Today I looked down my list of digital books that contained netting patterns and picked one at random.  I chose The Knitter's Casket: a new series of receipts in Knitting and Netting by Mrs Hope.  It was published around 1848.

She included the following netting patterns.

  1. Dice-pattern Purse (page 70)
  2. Dice-pattern Purse with beads (page 72)
  3. Mat (page 73)
  4. Purses with Beads No. 1, Pine and Star (page 75)
  5. Purses with Beads No. 2, Pointed Pattern (page 78)
  6. Purses with Beads No. 3, Simple Bar Pattern (page 79)
I noticed online that she has another book, The Book of the Baby's Wardrobe in Knitting and Netting.  Unfortunately this book does not appear to be available in digital format yet.   

One of these days I'm going to try some of these patterns.

But instead of doing that this week, I have been making a net bag for another baby shower.

This bag is the medium size of the circular bags included in my circular netting class.

I have also been working on the transcripts of the circular netting videos.  I think I am done with everything except one video and its transcript.  But to make that video, I'll have to do some more netting, after I finish the doily I'm making for a nephew and his new wife.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Knitters' Friend by Mrs. Gaugain

When I saw the title of Mrs. Gaugain's book, The Knitters' Friend,in a list of books that were available online, I almost passed it by.  After all, it was a knitting book and I was looking for netting patterns.

Then I happened to glance at the sub-title: being a selection of receipts for the most useful and saleable articles in knitting, netting and crochet work.  I decided to look at it.  When I clicked on the link, the cover read, "The People's Book" and I wondered if I was in the correct location.  I decided to scroll down a bit, and the title page let me know that I was looking at the correct book.

This is the last of Mrs. Jane Gaugain's books that I have been able to find online.  It was published in 1846.

Here are the netting patterns found in this book.
  1. Pretty Netted Flower Mat (page 15)
  2. Netted Mat for a Hyacinth Glass, or Round D'Oyley (page 17)
  3. Maltese Long Net Mitten (page 157)
  4. Very Pretty Grecian Net Long Purse for a Lady (page 168)
  5. Maltese Spotting, six stitches apart (stitch on page 170)

This week I also had a chance to record my son using the mesh poi I made.  I wanted him to demonstrate how to use them.

I've been working on the Circular Netting class.  I was able to finish a couple of transcripts and I only have one video left to make.  I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mrs Gaugain's Miniature Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Book

Listed below are the netting patterns that are contained in Mrs Gaugain's Miniature Knitting, Netting, and Ckrochet Book.  This book was published around 1843.  The netting patterns appear similar to those in The Lady's Assistant for Executing Useful and Fancy Designs in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work which was also by Mrs Gaugain.

  1. Long Net Purse for a Lady (page 55)
  2. Long Net Purse for a Lady (page 56)
  3. Round Netting for a Gentleman's Long Purse (page 57)
  4. Honeycomb Netting for Veil (page 58)
  5. Very Pretty Long Grecian Net Purse for a Lady (page 60)
  6. Grecian Net for a Veil (page 62)
  7. Single Diamond Netting (page 63)
  8. Diamond of Five Stitches for a Long Purse (page 64)
  9. Leaf Netting (page 66)
  10. Dotted Net (page 67)
  11. French Ground Net (page 68)
  12. Scollop for Borders of Veils, Collars, Caps, &c (page 69)
  13. Another Scollop for Border (page 70)
  14. Scollop (page 71)

Today my 3rd son is getting married.  I let them choose the center, stitches and edge for a doily I created for them.  Here is a photo of the doily I made.  We named it Sun Kissed.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Accompaniment To Second Volume of Mrs Gaugain's Work on Knitting, Netting, and Crochet

This week we will look at another of Mrs Gaugain's books in our listing of  public domain books containing netting patterns.   The Accompaniment To Second Volume of Mrs Gaugain's Work on Knitting, Netting, and Crochet was published in 1845.  It has several knitting and crochet patterns but only two netting patterns.

  1. Pretty Netted Flower Mat (page 15)
  2. Netted Mat for a Hyacinth Glass, or Round D'Oyley (page 17)

Since I had no idea what a Hyacinth Glass was, I decided to see what information I could find.  I located a link or two explaining what it is. These sites make using a Hyacinth Glass to grow Hyacinths indoors sound so easy.  I wonder if my "black thumb" could get some of these to grow.  If I try it, I will have to make the Netted Mat for a Hyacinth Glass to go under it.

Between now and the end of November there are three women I know who are expecting.   Over the past few years I have made three tea-towel baby bibs with ribbing around the neck edge and placed them in a small net gift bag to give to each mother-to-be.  The bag can be re-used later to hold whatever the mother wants.

Yesterday I attended a potluck dinner for one of the women.  Since her baby is supposed to be a boy, I made the bag and one of the bibs blue.

Making this bag did not hinder my progress on the Circular Netting class.  I video taped myself starting the bag and making the handles.  The videos will become part of three different videos for the class.  If you look at the syllabus this week, you will notice that there are only three videos left to create.

I wish I could say that next week I will finish making the videos for the class, but one of my sons is getting married on Saturday, and I have a few other things I need to get finished for that.