Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Water Bottle Bag

Several weeks ago I was busily netting away at the local library's Knit-Along. The conversation turned to net bags, and particularly how well a net bag would hold a water bottle. One family seemed very interested, so I committed to make at least one for the daughter on the condition that I could take pictures of the bag being used.

Today I remembered to take my video camera to the Knit-Along, and they remembered to bring the bag and a water bottle. So, thanks to Dora and her mother, here is how to use the long-handled net water bottle bag. (Please excuse the background noise; the Knit-Along was right around the corner and there were many people there today.)

If you would like to make a water bottle bag like this one, come on over to Rita's Netting Nook. The first class, which will include this pattern, is almost ready.

Monday, May 3, 2010

String Bag Patterns for Upcoming Online Netting Class

And I thought the free netting classes took time to create. I've really not been playing video games with my son but I have finished 12 videos with 5 more to go for my first netting class. Some days I feel like I'll never get it done; then other days I think it'll be done in a couple of weeks. I hadn't realized it would take months to complete.

Besides working on handouts and videos I have been working on some patterns that are easy but useful.

First, there are a couple of water bottle bags.

Then there are medium sized bags. Some have short handles; some have long handles.
This one is even filled with baby bibs for a baby shower.
Finally there is the full size large shopping bag.