Friday, November 6, 2009

Gift Bags

Before leaving for a three-week trip to visit grandchildren I found myself making bibs and gift bags for new arrivals (my standard baby shower / new baby present).

Of the four I made, each was different, though they all used size 3 crochet thread and a 3/8" mesh stick. I seem to have a problem repeating a pattern (unless it's a necessity) when there are so many potential combinations in my mind.

This lovely bag started at the bottom with a 28-loop grommet. The two handles are each twisted into a moebius. That means, technically speaking, the bag has only one surface and should really not be able to hold anything - except it does. I still have a hard time understanding that, when it holds the baby bibs so nicely.

This pretty-in-pink bag started with a grommet of 13 loops. The Medieval increase stitch doubled the number of loops to 26. The single handle is 13 loops wide.

This light blue bag starts at the top with the handles. While I could have joined the handles with a twist to create two moebius handles, I decided to make these handles straight. The bottom of the bag had a couple of decrease rows to bring the number of loops from 24 to 12 and finally to 6. The grommet at the bottom is the last thing formed.

The dark blue bag started out like the pink bag, but with 16 instead of 13 loops in the grommet. It's a bit hard to see, but half way up the bag (right where the green bib is) I added a few rows of the eyelet stitch. The single handle is 16 loops wide.