Saturday, May 26, 2012

Circular netting and bookmarks

Circular netting and bookmarks usually don't go together in my mind.

Eyelet Stitch
Cross Stitch
Cube Stitch

Fan Stitch


I usually think of bookmarks as long and rectangular, like these examples. 

But just because circular netting and bookmarks don't usually come to mind together does not mean I can't combine them.  

I have been trying to come up with some easy, quick, and useful circular netting patterns.  

This week bookmarks kept coming to mind.  I finally relented and made Magic.  With positive feedback and suggestions from the ladies at a weekly knitting group, I designed the other two bookmarks.  I will be including these three in my upcoming Circular Netting class along with the dishcloths from last week.


Which is your favorite rectangular bookmark?  Your favorite circular bookmark?  Your favorite bookmark on the page?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Net Dishcloths

Since finishing the Square-mesh Netting class I have been busy creating the patterns for the Circular Netting class.  Today I took the time to photograph the three circular net dishcloths I've made.

Net Dishcloth Made Using the Carrots Stitch

Net Dishcloth Made Using the Fan Stitch

Net Dishcloth Made Using the Skirt Stitch

You may be wondering, "Why have patterns for net dishcloths in the circular netting class?"  There are several reasons:
  1. Everyone can use a dishcloth, even if just to wipe a table, counter, or stove-top.   
  2. They are made using a thick cotton yarn.  The yarn is easier to work with than thin crochet thread to learn the basics of circular netting.  You can see what you are doing.
  3. They are fairly quick to make, especially when compared to a doily.

Even with those reasons you might wonder, "Why make a net dishcloth?  How do they compare with knit or crochet dishcloths?"  There are definite advantages to net dishcloths.
  1. It's easy to rinse them out.  The dirt does not get stuck in the fibers as easily.
  2. They dry quickly, even in humid climates.
  3. The knots in the netting act as tiny scrub brushes.
  4. If a thread breaks, the entire dishcloth does not unravel.  The knots that create the netting will keep the break from spreading.
Now I have a question for you:  Which of the three dishcloths do you like best?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Net Bags - Prizes for the Winner

Earlier this year I held a contest and announced the winner.  Then life got busy and I had plenty of things to put on this blog so I never showed what Lucy selected.

large square-mesh net bag
large diamond-mesh net bag

large, top-down circular net bag

As she explained on her blog:

          The blue one on the bottom is mine, the two on the chair belong to each of my girls. 

          They made my errands this past week much easier, as they fit a LOT and then when empty will fit into my pocket or other bag.

Some of you may think that she won the contest because she is my daughter.  She won for two reasons.
  1. She was the only one who submitted names for the handles.
  2. I liked the names she suggested.

Moral of the story:  If you want to win a contest, you have to enter it.

P.S. I'm about half done designing the patterns for the circular netting class.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puffy Knit Slippers

In March I went to visit my oldest son and his family.  While there I saw a pair of knit slippers.  I just had to ask for the instructions; it was that kind of slipper!   All garter stitch and two colors, it felt soft and padded to the foot.

 It was made in a rectangular shape.  One end was sewed together to form the heel.
One end sewed together to form the heel.

It was finished by gathering the stitches at the toe,
Stitches gathered together at the toe.

  and  then sewing down toward the heel leaving just room enough for the foot to enter
size 11

size 9

I promised two grandsons that I would make a pair for each of them.  It took a few weeks after I arrived home, but they got finished.