Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love the Internet

Isn't the Internet wonderful.

I was looking for something yesterday and stumbled across some wonderful netting blog entries from A Stitch in Time.

I don't remember what I was looking for or even whether I found it, but I fell in love with the netting needle shown in Netting Needles, part II and Hairnets, part III.

Now to figure out how can I justify spending 55 Euro (about $70 USD) on one netting needle.

Netting Needles, part I
Netting Needles, part II

Hairnets, part I
Hairnets, part II
Hairnets, part III
Hairnet, current status
Hairnet finished - well, almost...
New Hairnet
Hairnet: Finished and Reloaded
News about Netting!
Hairnets, part IV
Work weekend, here I come.