Saturday, October 22, 2011

Netting, More or Less - One Step Closer to Done

The video transcripts for Netting, More or Less are finished!  Videos, transcripts, and patterns are all colored brown on the syllabus!  That means the class will be done and ready for people to take as soon as I get the classroom set up and everything uploaded to it.

It would be great to say that will happen during this coming week; however, I need to finish the Mistborn cloak for my son by Saturday.  I hope to finish both - but this week the costume comes first.  

Last week I showed a photo of a snood with a flat bow.  Over the last few of weeks I finished a couple more snoods with flat bows.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black and White Snoods, Finished Videos

Several years ago I made some black and white snoods.  I had fun putting black bows on white snoods and white bows on black snoods.  I put a black bow on a black and white snood, but I forgot to put a white bow on the black and white snood.  Well, last week I took care of that problem.

 I made a black and white snood and put a white bow in it.  

As I was looking through my snood photos, I realized that I had never posted my flat bow snood.  So, even though I made it a while back, here is a different bow variation.

This week I didn't get much netting done.  Instead, I worked on my son's Halloween costume - not quite finished. I also worked on the last two instructional videos for my "Netting, More or Less" class - FINISHED!  If you look at the syllabus for the course, you will notice that I already have the patterns completed.  That just leaves the video transcripts.  I plan to put photos with them this week.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Netting around the Net

About a year ago I found a marvelous netting needle.  I mentioned it in a post.  Then one day I went to look at it again and it was gone.  Today I learned that the shop is back up, including the English version.  It was great to see the netting needle again.  Now I get to start saving my pennies again.

Today I also found that Barry Brown has updated his blog.  While browsing in his net making section I found a wonderful looking hammock.  Now, to get him to share his pattern.

I've been working on the videos for Netting, More or Less.  I'm got two left to finish and they are both partially done. I would love to finish them up on Monday and Tuesday, but I've promised my son to work on a Mistborn cloak for Halloween on Monday.  He doesn't think I can get it done in a day.  We'll see.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Third Spiral Gift Bag for a Baby

With three baby showers within a month, it's a good thing all the rectangular bags are done for Netting, More or Less.   I am ready to move from rectangular bags to spiral bags for a little variety.

This one is similar in size to the two I finished last week.


The handles are the same straight design as the other blue bag, however the mesh stick used was smaller.  This creates a firmer, easier-to-find handle.


The increases and grommet are also different.

In this bag all the increases are added in just two locations.  The two loops between the handles - that were created when the handles were joined together.  

There was no decreasing before the grommet was made.  While the grommet is bigger than the other spiral net bags, the hole is still smaller than the meshes.