Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love the Internet

Isn't the Internet wonderful.

I was looking for something yesterday and stumbled across some wonderful netting blog entries from A Stitch in Time.

I don't remember what I was looking for or even whether I found it, but I fell in love with the netting needle shown in Netting Needles, part II and Hairnets, part III.

Now to figure out how can I justify spending 55 Euro (about $70 USD) on one netting needle.

Netting Needles, part I
Netting Needles, part II

Hairnets, part I
Hairnets, part II
Hairnets, part III
Hairnet, current status
Hairnet finished - well, almost...
New Hairnet
Hairnet: Finished and Reloaded
News about Netting!
Hairnets, part IV
Work weekend, here I come.


Alwen said...

I love the internet, too!

Thanks for the link.

Rita said...

You're welcome for the links. Those of us who net need to connect with each other. I'm hoping that will eventually happen at Rita's Netting Nook.