Saturday, October 26, 2013

Netting in Magazines - The Delineator

For just over a year I have been listing digitized books that have netting information and patterns in them. Today, with my current list of digitized books exhausted, I decided to move on to digitized magazines that contain netting patterns.  The problem with magazines is that not all the issues of a particular magazine have been digitized.  My hope is that if I list what I can find, those who have more skill in searching or those who own the actual magazines will help us locate more netting information.

The Delineator, published by Butterick Publishing Company, began in 1873 and continued until 1937.

I have been able to find the following online:

  1. January 1903
    1. Section: Netting - Doily with Fluted Border (page 139)
  2. July 1903
    1. Section: Needlework - Dainty Hand-made Handkerchiefs (page 98)
  3. The Art of Netting - No. 59
    1. Doily with Netted Border - figure 1 (page 350)
    2. Doily with Netted Border - figure 2 (page 350)
    3. Netted Doily (page 350)
  4. The Art of Netting - No. 61
    1. Table-Center (page 245)
    2. Tray-Cloth (page 245)
    3. Plate Doily (page 245)
  5. The Art of Netting - No. 62
    1. Netted Handkerchief (page 473)

I would love to know which year these The Art of Netting sections appeared in.  I wish I could find all the Art of Netting series published in this magazine.

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Several months ago I remade one of my bag patterns.  I put it carefully away until the next time I needed a gift bag for a baby shower.  I found it last week and realized that I did not need to make a new bag for the latest baby shower I was invited to.  I just needed to fill the one I had.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Handicrafts For The Handicapped by Herbert J. Hall and Mertice M. C. Buck

In Handicrafts For The Handicapped,  the authors, Herbert J. Hall and Mertice M. C. Buck, have gathered together a variety of crafts and skills, including netting.  While the book, published in 1916, mentions many different and practical ways netting has been used, it gives only a few patterns.

  1. Netted Loops and Borders  (Chapter III; part 2)
  2. Baby's Cap  (Chapter III; part 2)
  3. Hammock  (Chapter III; parts 1 and 2)

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This week I've remade another of my doily patterns.  I called this one Aurora.  It is 16 inches in diameter and used 94 yards of size 20 crochet thread.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont

Therese de Dillmont authored many books on needlework.  I recently learned that her Encyclopedia of Needlework, published in 1886,  is available in digitized format. Among the types of needlework, she includes a section on netting, which includes the following:

  1. Netting (page 395)
  2. Implements and Materials (page 395; illustrations 611-613)
  3. Stitches (page 397; illustrations 614-116)
  4. Patterns Produced in Netting (page 400; illustrations 617-633)
  5. Embroidered Netting (page 410; illustrations 634-691)

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I've been promising to post the photos of the sun catchers I net during the last two weeks of September.  So here they are.  There are some 4", 5", and 6" ones.  If you want to see all the sun catchers I have designed, click here.
Ferris Wheel
Winter Festival

Sand Dollar




Ferris Wheel, Poinsettia, and Zinnia are in 6" rings.  Glisten and Waves are in 4" rings.  All the others are in 5" rings.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Varied Occupations in String Work by Louisa Walker

Many years ago, in the days before the internet, I purchased a copy of Graded Lessons in Macrame, Knotting and Netting by Louisa Walker.  This week I received a new link from Anthony Emery for Varied Occupations in String Work by Louisa Walker.  I was surprised to learn that my copy, published in 1971, is a reprint of the digitized version which was published in 1896.

  1. Netting (page 116)
  2. Tennis Net (page 122) [miniature version for children to make and use]

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I needed a gift bag for a baby shower, so I pulled out the pattern for a small bag. I needed to remake this bag in order to double-check the instructions.  I like giving baby shower gifts in a net bag because it gives the new mother something to hold baby bibs or anything else she wants to use it for, it saves on wrapping paper, and it introduces people to netting.

net bag with tea-towel bibs
empty net bag

    nearly invisible base of bag

This particular bag pattern has a small piece of diamond mesh for the bottom of the bag.  The sides are then formed by netting in a spiral around the edge of that piece.  It is hard to find where the sides and base of the bag meet.