Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decreases video finished for Netting, More or Less

Last week I gave you a sneak-peak at the introductory Increases video. I just finished another introductory video. It's about Decreases.

Why decreases?  Well, since last week covered the More in the class title, it seemed only fair to look at the Less portion of the title.

You don't see a video here?  That's because it's found at Nook News located on Rita's Netting Nook.  Come on over and take a look.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Video Finished for "Netting, More or Less" class

Hurray!  The  first video for the new netting class is done!  I've still got over a dozen more to go, but this one is done.

"What's the video about?" you ask.

Increasing.  It explains the "More" in the title of the class.    It gives some background, discusses increasing in netting, explains some of my terms, and shows some of the stitches created by just increasing.

I was going to be mean, give you all this hype about it, and then say you had to take the class to see it.  I was. . . Say, why don't you come over to Nook News at Rita's Netting Nook and see what I decided to do?