Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've got my boys to help me shovel

Yesterday I was reading an e-mail from someone about my age who was commenting on the fact that she just had herself, her husband, and a cat at home.  I found myself wondering how that would feel.  This morning I decided not to envy her at all.

When I woke up and looked outside, the overnight snowfall had the snow higher than the three steps to my front door.  When I opened the screen door, it bushed the top of the snow.
I had forgotten that snow could get this deep.  At this point we figure it was about 20 inches.  Plenty of snow for me for one day, but it is still coming down.

Looking Up to the Front Door

Looking Down from the Front Door

I am grateful that I have two strong sons who are still living at home and who can help me shovel my way out of what Mother Nature so kindly dropped on our doorstep.  No need to get a snow blower yet.