Monday, July 6, 2009

Scarves using a variety of netting stitches

I wanted to try some different netting stitches. Scarves are the perfect way to do this. So, here are five more scarves with different stitches and with different edges on the ends of the scarves.

This scarf is made using a combination of the Crisscross Stitch and plain netting, with a pointed end.

Here are two scarves made using the Lantern Stitch. Each has a different edge stitch at the end.

The Narrow Lantern Stitch Scarf on the left ends with a Sawtooth Edge.

The Wide Lantern Stitch Scarf on the right ends with an Acorn Edge.

This scarf uses the Spike Stitch.

The edge is the Lacy Pointed Edge.

This stitch is called Diagonal Netting.

In the photo on the right, the stitch is stretched out more than the one on the left.

The edge is similar to the Ice Cream Cone Edge, but the ice cream part is longer and the cones start right on the edge of the row instead of 3 loops into the row.