Friday, May 1, 2009

Shugs and Scarves

Last week was school vacation. Before the two children still at home left on an end-of-the-week youth conference I had my youngest son help me photograph some of the projects I recently finished.

I seem to be in a shrug mood lately. I've finished three recently. I love how they keep my neck and shoulders warm without getting in the way of what I am doing.

This is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. It was the first time I made a long sleeved shrug.

Just right for cool spring and autumn days.

Back in February at the very end of my entry I mentioned that I had been working on some scarves. I meant to take pictures of them, but life kept getting in the way. So once the end of the week arrived and the children and my husband were gone (taking the car with them) I had time to photograph some of them.

I don't have time to show all of them right now, but I will show 4 of them with their different edges. I like some of the edges better than others. Which do you like best? Please leave a comment.

The following scarves were all made with Bernat Glow-in-the-Dark yarn.

Each of the scarves uses about 72 yards because that is how much yarn was in each ball.

They would work great for a child. To make one for an adult would require closer to 140-150 yards.

This is just plain netting with a touch of fringe on the edge.

This scarf was made using what I call the Ivy Stitch and instead of fringe I used the Rigging Edge.

This Cube Stitch Scarf has a bit of Ruffle Netting at each end.

Here is the Eyelet Stitch paired with an Ice Cream Cone Edge.

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Anonymous said...

I like the plain fringe and then the ice cream cone edge. Have you tested their glow in the dark properties? That could be fun for Halloween. ;)

Hannah B