Monday, February 2, 2009

More Net Doilies

With a wedding in November, December, and January, I have been busy making doilies. Since all three of the weddings involved family - two nephews and one niece - I used patterns designed by my grandmother (their great-grandmother), Esther Peterson Bott Freeman. (Of course, I was not as busy as one of my sisters who had a daughter married in December and a son married in January.)

In alphabetical order the doilies are:

"Decor - small"
(about 14.5 inches in diameter)

"Midnight Sky - large"
(about 14 inches in diameter)


(about 14 inches in diameter)

Oh, yes. There was another doily I made for a wedding last summer. Since it was not for a family member I used a pattern I had designed.

"Ice Crystal"
(about 8.5 inches in diameter)

I was planning to show some of the scarves I have been netting during the January, but since I don't have any photos taken yet, I guess I will have to save that for another day and another post.


Adriana Ortiz said...

your doilies are just perfect!!!


Avitalp said...

Beautiful! I really hope you post pictures of your netted scarves soon.

Angie said...

Just gorgeous! Those newlyweds are lucky to have such a beautiful hierloom to start their lives together.