Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves

This was a fun scarf to make. Once I cast on 30 stitches and then went circular with a knit 1, yarn over, repeated around for the first round it was just mindless knitting. Good for watching a video with the family. I knit about 24 inches before I cast off.

Casting off was scary. The easiest way to do it was to slip a stitch, drop a stitch all the way around. Once that was done, it was just a matter of binding off loosely. The catch is that you have to drop the stitch that was originally a yarn over in the first round. If you do it wrong, the whole scarf falls apart.

The fun part is where you intentionally drop the stitches all the way down to the yarn over.

The scarf grows from 2 feet long to 6 feet long and the knit stitches expand.

I folded the tube of knitting into a long, flat scarf and tied the tube together at the ends with the fringe. That way the scarf was double thick.

I wanted to see how a narrow 5 loop diamond pattern would look, so I decided to do it as a scarf.

I liked the way the diamond shapes appeared in the scarf as it goes from one diamond to two diamonds and back again.

I wasn't sure if I liked the way the edge turned out.

So I decided to try again.

This time I made the scarf a bit wider. This one goes from two full diamonds in a row to three full diamonds and back again.

Using black yarn, changing the edge to a single point, and adding width gives this scarf a different look than the red one.

I'm curious. Which scarf do you prefer? Or do you like one from last week better?

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Ericka said...

I think I like/prefer the black one. The fringe/ending part looks... I've not seen something netted with that finish and I really like it!