Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Home for Rita's Netting Nook

At the end of February I announced the opening of Rita’s Netting Nook ( It contained 3 free pre-netting classes. I hoped to put the first netting class together faster than I had done the pre-classes. It didn’t work out that way.

On May 3rd I blogged about how close I was to being ready with the class. On May 4th Ning sent out a message stating that by July their sites would no longer be free. (They have since given site owners until August 20th to choose a paid option.)

It soon became evident that only the most expensive option would allow me to use video the way I wanted to in my classes. Since there were other features of Ning that I did not like, including a limit on the number of classes I could offer, I decided to look for something that would better meet my needs.

So, for the past several months I have been busy creating a new home for Rita’s Netting Nook.

The new home for Rita's Netting Nook is

Come join us. Register for Free Membership.

As of August 19th will close.

Since I am still building parts of the site, there may be some things that are not yet finished. I appreciate your understanding and working with me. Feel free to make suggestions; just realize that I may not be able to implement them as quickly as either of us would like. Much of my time will be spent finishing up the videos for my class. I really want to make my class available to those who want to learn to net.

Since you have been so patient with me, I want to share some of the handouts and maybe a video that I have prepared for Net Like a Lacemaker, my beginning netting class. Keep an eye on the class syllabus and we'll see how quickly I can put something up for members.