Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Net Toy and Netting Contest Results

My oldest son seems to enjoy finding and helping me design new and different netting projects.  He suggested that I net something other than doilies.  When I asked him what, he suggested netting snoods.  He was the one who helped me design the net Klein bottle bag.  So I was not too surprised when he recently suggested a new project.  He wanted me to net a poi.

"A what?" I asked, thinking that poi was something to eat.

It turns out that he was thinking of another kind of poi.  The kind of poi he meant is a ball on a chain, or a length of fabric that holds a ball.  Since he is into juggling and martial arts, I could see why he might want me to make one.

He was willing to help me design it, provided I make him a set in black and white. We came up with a single poi and a double poi.

I made the 2" balls out of black and white denim, using only two pieces and one seam.  The seam on the balls makes them look like baseball-shaped beanbags.  I used poly-fil by Fairfield to give them some weight and allow them to be washed.

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The contest that ended last week had only two people brave enough to post their guesses.  They were both right, so I decided to make something for each of them.  Carmen has chosen to have me make her a set of mesh poi.  Lucy, let me know what you want.

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Anonymous said...

And they rock. Much easier to use than chain poi. Much less wear on the hands. Also able to do some bolo work with the double-poi