Friday, August 3, 2012

An unusual-looking net bag

I have a friend who is battling cancer.  She has a PAC, a small machine that provides pain medication as she needs it.   That machine needs to stay with her.  The hospital provided her with a bag that was supposed to go over her head and one shoulder and hang down.  Because of various medical reasons no bag could hang across her neck and shoulder, so she asked me for help in designing a bag that would work for her.

We chose to make the bag of netting rather than fabric so she could access her machine without removing it from the bag.  The finished bag was certainly different from other net bags I have designed.

We attached the bag to a net belt that was pointed at each end.  The pointed ends make it easy to find the ends of the net belt.

The belt tied around her waist - the knot at one side.

Her machine was along her leg and within easy reach, so she could make any adjustments she needed to through the netting.

Now her machine rests beside her on her chair or the couch while she is sitting.  No more forgetting to grab it when she starts to walk.

It took only a bit of netting and part of an afternoon to help a friend.

UPDATE:  Some changes in the style of the bag.


Heidi said...

Nice job! I think making custom medical equipment is a wonderful application for crafting and DYI of all sorts. Plus, your bag just looks more awesome.

Rita said...

Thank you. It was fun to make something that was so helpful.

I am still surprised at the many places I can use netting. And to think that for years I just thought it could be used to make doilies.