Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Mesh Poi

I mentioned last week that Carmen chose some net mesh poi for having the correct answers in my contest.  When I checked with Lucy I discovered that she wanted the same thing - in a different color.  So this past week I have been busy netting Mesh Poi.  I made sure that the pocket or bag section would hold several different sizes of balls.

The blue ones have been delivered to Lucy.  

The pink ones were delivered to Carmen.

Since I have no idea how long the cotton yarn will last before it wears out, I wondered what the mesh poi would look like if I made it from something more sturdy -- parachute cord.

I had some extra black around the house, so I decided to use it up.  It is more challenging to net with since I cannot put as much cord on the shuttle; however, I think it would last much longer.

I think I'll let my son, who started the whole project, test this style and compare it to the cotton ones I sent him earlier.  He'll be visiting in October and I can wait that long for his opinion.

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