Saturday, September 1, 2012

Change the netting, just a little bit

I can do the same instructions over and over, but that doesn't mean that I will.  Sometimes it is more fun to start off with a set of instructions and change just a little of the instructions and suddenly you have something new.  Sometimes the changes happen on purpose and sometimes changes just happen.

I've been making small, circular pieces of netting for my next netting class - Circular Netting.  One of the first things I created with one of the small, circular pieces of netting was a bookmark.

When I decided to make it in color instead of white thread, I started with the same instructions.  After all, I was going to check to make sure I had written it correctly.  I made the circular part and started on the rectangular length of the bookmark.  I was sitting in the library, visiting with members of our knitting group.  I realized I had been netting for a while and wondered how close I was to changing stitches.  I thought I knew how many rows of plain netting I needed to do before I changed to a different stitch, but, when I looked at the instructions and counted the rows, I had done more plain netting than I was supposed to do.

Now I had a choice to make.  Did I want to follow the pattern exactly (which would mean untying each knot, one at at time, for several rows), or did I want to end up with a different bookmark pattern than the one I had started to make.

I decided I did not want to untie that many knots.

I ended up with a new pattern and a slightly different look.  Which do you like better?

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