Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lady's Assistant in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work

In hunting for netting books online, I found several by Mrs. Gaugain.  The Lady's Assistant in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work, second volume, is a sequel to the one I mentioned last week.  It was originally published in 1842.  Apparently in 1842 she published both books.

Besides knitting and crochet patterns, it contains the following netting patterns:

  • Long Net Purse, called Double Netting (item 121, page 252)
  • Small Net Neckkerchief (item 122, page 253)
  • Very Beautiful Long Net Purse, with Gold Beads (item 136, page 290)
  • Another Very Beautiful Long Net Purse (item 137, page 292)
  • Diced Net Purse, in Twist and Beads (item 142, page 295)
  • Net Cuffs, in Berlin Wool and Silk (item 194, page 307)
  • Very Light and Elegant Square Net Dress Shawl (item 166, page 365)
  • Simple and Pretty Black Net Scarf (item 170, page 371)

This book also contains:

  • Directions for guiding the proper sizes of Silks and Meshes used for Purses in Net Work (page 415)
  • Remarks on Netting (page 416) 
    • [comments on the direction (lengthwise or widthwise) to make curtains for the best result when they are hung and how to block finished netting]
    • Make a Stitch in Netting
    • To Take-in or Diminish
    • Bead Stitch [how to add beads to netting]
    • Netting with Shade Silk

In the process of creating the videos for my Circular Netting Class, I needed to make more hot pads.  This one was a revision of a pattern I had already made for this class.

Flower - Hot Pad

This was a new one.  I realized that I had not made any simple hot pads that demonstrated how to decrease.  So this one fills that need. 

Tops - Hot Pad

I finished the taping done for several of the videos.  Now I just need to pull the pieces together to make coherent videos that teach the skills needed in circular netting.  At least progress is finally being made on the videos.

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