Saturday, September 8, 2012

Netting Bag updated

Prototypes are made to be revised.  Netting projects are no different from any other creative endeavor.  A few week ago I showed a version of a net belt and a bag attached to it to hold medical equipment.

Since the beginning of August there have been a few changes made.  Here are some photos of the latest version.

As you can see, the net belt is gone.  It stretched too much when the weight of the medical device was in place, sending the bag down past my friend's knees.

Changed are some of the mesh stick sizes.  The actual bag is still made with a 1" mesh, but the upper loops that the belt goes through are now made with a 2" mesh.   The number of rounds in the height of the bag has also changed.  The place where the rounds change to rows is shorter than the device.

The material used to make the bag has also changed.  The cotton cord first used was not durable enough for the amount of use the bag experienced.  The cord broke within days after it was made.  I had some black parachute cord on hand and decided to try using that.  It worked very well.

At last report, my friend stated, "I want you to know that ... what I am doing ...[determines] where I place the bag along the belt. While making my bed, for example, I slide the bag behind my back. While just sitting, I have it by my side."

It seems the bag is working and meets her needs.

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