Saturday, November 26, 2011

Square-mesh Netting

The class for Square-mesh netting is progressing.  This week I was able to get the video taping done.  Next week I hope to have the videos finished.  I realized that for this class I have only small and large projects.  Nothing in the middle, and nothing that would be quick to make and  practical in an everyday sort of way.

So Thursday I asked family and friends gathered around our Thanksgiving table for some suggestions.  Scarfs and dishcloths were suggested, and I may come up with some, but late last night I picked up some left-over yarn and this morning I finished . . .

. . . a rectangular square-mesh net bag.

The handles are diamond mesh, but the body of the bag is square-mesh.

Now, before you say anything, I know it's small, so tiny in fact that I could barely squeeze in the two apples and and orange.  But now I know I can make one, I just have to figure out the proper number of squares for the width and the length.

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