Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adding Beads to Netting

Several years ago someone asked me if there was a way to attach beads to netting.  I had no idea.  Grandmother's instructions had not included beads.  The little information I found did not describe the process other than possibly sewing the beads onto the netting when all was finished.  So I started experimenting.

I discovered that I could slip the bead onto the loop. The bead was not firmly fastened to the loop, so it slid up and down on the loop.

In the case of this ornament, the knot was small enough that the bead slipped over the knot also.  The bead still slid up and down the loops, but was caught inside the larger diamond.

Then I figured out how to attach the beads along the sides of the diamonds.  They still moved, but only the length of the side of the diamond.

Eventually I figured out how to place beads at the bottom of the diamond so it stayed in place.

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