Saturday, June 30, 2012

Small Circular Netting: A coaster, potholder, or hot pad?

One of the challenges in creating a new netting class is creating quick, easy, and useful projects.  The circular netting class I'm working on is no exception.

When I learned to net, my grandmother started me with spiral netting.  (I didn't realize that there was any other type of netting for years.)  Since she started the center on my first two doilies, I didn't even get to try the process for over a year.  And since each doily took a long time to complete I had a hard time remembering how to start the doily.

I wanted to avoid that problem with my students, so I have created several small circular projects.  Here are the latest.

7" diameter
5" diameter

I was not sure what to call them.  Are they coasters, potholders, or hot pads?

A friend recently experimented with these net yarn items. She found that they worked great when holding hot items like a cup of tea or coffee.  The steam and heat did not transfer to the surface below.  She also found they did not work so great with cold soft drink cans.  The condensed moisture that gathered on the surface of the can dripped through the holes onto the surface below. 

I guess that means I should stop calling them coasters and start calling them hot pads.  What would you call them?

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