Saturday, June 16, 2012

Net Hat

When I saw the hat several women I know were crocheting, the look reminded me of  netting.   I couldn't help myself.  I had to pull out my trusty, ever-present tape measure and measure the crocheted mesh.

I had never thought of netting a hat until I saw this one, and then I could not stop thinking about it.  Finally I gave in. I wrote down a basic pattern and produced my first net hat.  I even net a small flower to attach to the side with a small bead.

I think I need to use a thicker thread for this hat pattern.  What do you think?

A net hat is different from a snood.  The hat sits on the head, covering only part of the hair.

A net snood can also sit on the head . . .

or attach to a barrette.

Either way,  the snood encloses the hair and pulls the hair together.

Of course, one hat was not enough.  I no sooner finished the first hat when another pattern began to occupy my mind.  I kept thinking of the Diagonal Netting Stitch, even when I had problems converting that stitch from diamond mesh netting to circular netting.  And even before the second one was finished, a third pattern (a variation on the second hat pattern) began presenting itself for consideration.   If I have enough time this week, I might finish one or both of the additional net hat patterns.

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