Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spiral Net Bag Made from the Top Down

This past week I have not had access to my computer since I was visiting a new granddaughter and her family. That meant I was not able to work on finalizing the Square-Mesh Netting class.

Of course there was no way I was willing to stop all netting during that time.  I found three handles I had made back when I was creating the Net Like a Lace-maker class, and  I took them on the trip with me.  I was able to turn all three handles into bags and use up most of each ball of yarn in the process.

I decided to make this first bag using what I call spiral netting instead of circular netting.  With spiral netting there is never an end to a round of netting.  You just keep netting around and around.  Circular netting on the other hand has a definite end to each round of netting.

For the first bag, I started with two rectangular strips of netting.  I net across one end of the first strip and then across the second end of the first strip.  I repeated that process with the second strip.

Here is one of the strips formed into a handle.  Below it is what became the rest of the bag.

Once I had net across all the strip ends, I kept netting around and around and around (spiral netting) until I had finished about 20 rounds.  Then I started decreasing to make the hexagon base of the bag.

Before I knew it, I had a finished a net bag with two handles.

Next week I'll show the second bag I created.

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