Saturday, March 31, 2012

Large Circular Net Bag

Last week, as I returned home from visiting my youngest granddaughter, I finished a circular net bag.  I had started the handle a couple of years ago when I was trying to figure out the size of net handles for my Net Like a Lace-maker class.

Because I had only finished the one long strip of netting, I decided to try a top-down net shoulder bag.

To make it long enough for a shoulder bag I decided to experiment with some wrapped loops at each end of the previously made net strip.

Decreasing the last two rounds brought the number of loops down to an amount that would work for a grommet.  

This bag worked up fairly quickly since I used a 1.5 inch mesh stick for the body of the bag.  The long wrapped-loops made the mouth of the bag larger than the spiral net bag discussed last week.  I finished the bag with only a few yards left from over from one ball of yarn.  

Next week I'll either show the third bag I finished on my trip, or announce that the Square-mesh Netting class is finally ready for students.

I hope it's the class.

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