Saturday, April 22, 2017

Square-Mesh Netting - in strips

Several months ago I was almost ready to proof-read and self-publish a book on square-mesh netting. I just needed to finish working with my husband on the patterns for square-mesh scallops. I also wanted to find two more patterns and figure out how to make them. One was a frame of square-mesh netting with an empty space in the middle. The other was square-mesh netting with big and little squares. Eventually I located them in the Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese De Dillmont.

To my surprise, I also found instructions and photos for how to make strips of square-mesh netting, how to make square mesh netting starting in the center of the square and working to the corners instead of starting at one corner and working to the diagonal corner, and how to put loops on the edges of the netting. These techniques should be included in any book devoted to making square mesh netting. I began making them and found myself expanding the squares into rectangles.

The strip of square-mesh netting caught my eye and I thought it looked easy enough.

Here are my instructions for creating this piece of square-mesh netting.

A Strip of Square-Mesh Netting – Selvage Edges on the Top and Bottom – 7 Squares High

Before starting the actual netting:
  1. Fill a netting needle or shuttle with thread or cord. 
  2. Attach it to a foundation loop.  To do this:
    1. Tie a slip knot in the thread or cord coming from the needle or shuttle.  Leaving a tail, at least 2 to 3 inches.  
    2. Slip the foundation-loop cord through the slipknot.  
    3. Tie the foundation-loop cord into a circle thereby creating a foundation loop. 
    4. Tighten the slipknot.
  3. Attach the foundation loop to a tension device.
  4. Choose a mesh stick.

Start the strip of square-mesh netting:

Row 1:  Net 8 more knots into the foundation loop.  (8 loops in the row)

  • Remove the mesh stick and turn the work so that the next row can be worked from left to right. (This will be done at the end of each row.)

Row 2:  Net 1 knot into each loop, except the last loop, net 2 knots in the last loop. (9 loops in the row)
Row 3:  Net 1 knot in each loop except the last 2 loops, net the last 2 loops together. (8 loops in the row)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the piece is as long as desired. Lacis or net embroidery can be added onto the squares.

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