Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mistborn Quilt

In the spring of 1990 I began a tradition of making something for my child who was graduating from high school. They got to choose what it was, although I could veto it if it was too elaborate. That spring my oldest chose a hand-knit sweater using wool I spun on my wheel. After that the children all chose a quilt. Each quilt was different. Due to life getting in the way of my projects, I have never had the project done by the day they graduated. Some were only a few months late, others were several years late.

My youngest child is a big fan of all books by Brandon Sanderson. So I was not surprised when he said he wanted the quilt to be based on the Mistborn series.

When my son said he wanted his quilt to contain the symbols for Allomancy and Feruchemy, I made the mistake of asking (a bit tongue in cheek), "So you want Allomancy on one side and Feruchemy on the other?" Of course he said yes! This quilt is two sided - one design on one side and the other design on the back side.

Last month (2 days before leaving on vacation) I finished his quilt; it was only 4 years + 4 weeks late. I finally got photos taken this week.

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