Saturday, March 21, 2015

Netted Border for Handkerchief from Tatting and Netting

This week I discovered that my printed copy of Tatting and Netting (reprinted by Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions) did not match the electronic reproduction of this public domain work that I had downloaded.  The printed copy had additional patterns found pages 130 through 137 as well as two more pages after page 138.  Since my goal was to provide links to digitized copies of netting patterns, I went online and found another copy of this wonderful book.  This new copy has the missing pages, but in turn is missing 4 pages at the end of the book.  Apparently one digital copy is from an 1895 edition and the other is from an 1896 reprint.

The edge I chose for this week, "Netted Border for Handkerchief", is found in both copies.  It is found on page 136 of this copy and on page 146 of this copy.

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