Saturday, December 7, 2013

Netting in Magazines - Godey's Lady's Book (1830-1849)

While looking for more magazines that had netting information, I stumbled across a wonderful website dealing with Godey's Lady's Book.  Started in 1830 by Louis Godey, this magazine continued until 1896.  A brief history of the magazine is located here.

I eagerly searched through the magazines from volume 1 (1830) through volume 28 (1844).  There was nothing on netting.  I could not find volume 19 (last half of 1839) nor volumes 29-33 (the last half of 1844 through 1846).   I was disappointed.

However, what I found after that more than made up for my initial disappointment.  Here is what I found from 1847-1849:

1847 (Vol. 34-35)

  1. page 48 Netting
  2. page 48 Netted Long Purse
  3. page 49 Handsome Long Netted Purse
  4. page 49 Round Netted Gentleman's Long Purse
  5. page 49 Round Knitting Basket
  6. page 49 Netted Scarf
  7. page 49 Round Netted Scarf
  8. page 49 Netted Cuffs
  9. page 49 Netted Cuffs
  10. page 49 Grecian Netting
  11. page 50 A Round Netted Purse
  12. page 50 Target Mat, with netted fringe
  13. page 217 Netting
  14. page 217 Plain Netted Gentleman's Purse
  15. page 217 Plain Netted Purse with a Bead Mouth
  16. page 217 Grecian Netting or Fillet Rose
  17. page 218 Single Diamond Netting
  18. page 218 Treble Diamond Netting
  19. page 218 Diamond Netting of Five Stitches
  20. page 218 Same Purse, Diamond Pattern
  21. page 99 An Elegant Netted Purse with Steel Beads
  22. page 99 Plain Open Netting or Filet a Baguette

1848 (Vol. 36-37)

  1. page 64 Netting - Bead Purse, Diamond Pattern
  2. page 186 Netted Bag
  3. page 186 Netted Gauntlet - Maltese Pattern
  4. page 186 Patterns for Mittens, Purses, etc. - Number 1
  5. page 187 Patterns for Mittens, Purses, etc. - Number 2
  6. page 187 Patterns for Mittens, Purses, etc. - For a Purse
  7. page 312 Card Basket, in Crochet and Netting [illustration]
  8. page 363 Card Basket, in Crochet and Netting
  9. page 53 Knitted Opera Cap with Netted Border
  10. page 173 Netting - Knitted Scarf for the Neck

1849 (vol. 38)   I could not find Vol. 39 (July-December) online.

  1. page 361 Netting the Helen Cap

This week, instead of spending time netting, I spent my time searching through Godey's Lady's Book.  I found many patterns for darning square and diamond mesh netting as well as instructions for fancy stitches and plenty of beautiful netting.  Enjoy looking through this window to the past.

Next week I plan to list what I found between 1850 and 1859.


tony said...

Thanks again for posting all these links. There is a lot of good information there and your hard work made it so easy. Tony

Rita said...

Tony, you are right. There is an abundance of good information. I've even found some things that I thought I had created on my own. Just goes to show that there is very little that is totally new.