Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Young Lady's Book by Mrs. Henry Mackarness

The Young Lady's Book was published in 1888.  Written by Mrs. Henry Mackarness, this book contains 4 pages with information on netting.  She includes a brief history of netting and a description of how to make it. I found her directions clear, but that may just be because I know how to net.  Here is a list of the netting she put into the book:

  1. Netting (page 183)
  2. Honeycomb Netting Purse (page 184)
  3. Spotted Netting for Purses (page 184)
  4. Diamond Netting for Curtains with Scalloped Border (page 185)
  5. Round Netted Couvrette (page 186)
And what is a Couvrette?  I'm not sure.  I can't find it in a dictionary.  There is a website that indicates it means doily.  There is another website that gives several books where the word is used, but no definition.

One of these days, when I have extra time, I would like to make the Round Netted Couvrette.  Maybe then I'll know what it is, or at least what one looks like.

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This week I finished Crystalline.  This is one of the doilies that I've wanted to remake so I can see the entire doily instead of just a rectangular section.  

I called this one Star Fire.
I called this one Spider Web (small).

While working with my son to post photos of many of the projects I have completed over the years, I realized that I did not have a good photo of the netting used with some of the potpourri jars I had made, photographed, and given away.   In fact, I had not even named the netting.  I quickly made these from my computerized directions.  

While making Spider Web (small), I wondered what would happen if I put more stitches into the increase portion of the edge.  The result:  Spider Web (large).

Besides adding the net bowl and cup covers to my website, my son also added net coaster inserts and more net bookmarks.

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