Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mee's Companion to the Worktable by Cornelia Mee

This week I decided to choose another book by Cornelia Mee from my list of online netting books.  Mee's Companion to the Worktable was published in 1845.   Here are the 8 net patterns that she included:

  1. For a Netted Cardinal (page 8)
  2. Netted Shawl (page 19)
  3. Netted Shawl in Crossbars (page 20)
  4. Netted Flower Stand (page 35)
  5. Pretty and Simple Netted Opera Cap (page 56)
  6. Pretty simple Netted Cap for wearing under a Bonnet (page 112)
  7. Very Pretty Net Purse (page 126)
  8.   Pretty Netted Purse, with Rows of Honeycomb between (page 127)

Again I've come across a word that has a new meaning for me.  The very first pattern listed is a netted cardinal.  Now I know that a bird is a cardinal, as is a high church official in the Roman Catholic Church.  I know it is a color, and that it has a mathematical meaning.  But I did not see how any of these could be involved in a piece of netting.   So I checked the dictionary.  One dictionary also defines it as "a woman's short cloak with a hood, originally made of scarlet cloth and popularly worn in the 18th century," while another dictionary gives the definition as "a woman's hooded shoulder cape worn in the 17th and 18th centuries."  Now that definition makes sense when used in connection with netting.

This week I also starched some net bookmarks.  The patterns to these bookmarks will be included in my Circular Netting class.

Candle small circle is used.
Floweret small circle is used.

I have tried to have some quick and useful patterns included with the Circular Netting class.

You'll notice that this candle bookmark is a different color than the other one I made.

Tops small circle is used.
Plain small circle is used.

The small circles can be used for bookmarks, hot pads, and lacy insets for acrylic coasters.

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