Saturday, April 14, 2012

One more top-down net shopping bag

The final net bag I made on my recent trip was smaller than the circular one and bigger than the spiral one.  Like the other two, I started with a piece of previously-made netting for the middle of the handle. 

The handle had some wrapped loops in it, but no overhand knot.  The use of wrapped loops and the increased number of loops help the mouth of the bag stay nice and wide.

This bag was made with circular netting.  By tying an overhand knot to join the string from the bag and the string from the netting shuttle, it is easy to know when each round is finished.  That makes it easy to know when to start the decreases for the bottom of the bag.

The grommet at the bottom of the bag is the last thing finished on this style of bag.   This grommet will be one of the techniques taught in the next netting class I record.

I'm still looking on a name for the next class, which will focus on circular netting.  For some reason Circular Netting class seems rather bland.  I'll keep thinking and see what I come up with.

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