Monday, March 21, 2011

Links to the past: Net hairnets and snoods

I just found a wonderful list of links to hairnets (snoods).  Some are net with embroidery; some have the design net into them; all are different and beautiful.  A special thanks to Alys for compiling the list and for Alwen for directing me to it.

Progress is being made toward the second beginning netting class in Rita's Netting Nook.  I think I've decided on the techniques that will be taught (increases, decreases, square mesh netting, and creating a net chain), finished the first time through the patterns that will be included (more rectangular bags, more headbands, dishcloths, and maybe a hairnet / snood), and photographed half the finished projects.  I am almost ready to start writing scripts and filming the videos.

If I do decide to include a pattern for a hairnet or snood, it would be this one.

I hope to have the photos up on a new Projects page posted on Rita's Netting Nook by the end of next week (if not earlier).

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