Saturday, May 31, 2014

Edges in Netting from The Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction

The edge pattern for today comes from The Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction, by Laura Valentine and Mrs Aylmer, (published in 1867).  This pattern was called Edges in Netting and is found on page 307.

One different thing about this edge is that it is net on six stitches for as long as desired and then turned so that the last row of the edge is net into the side loops of the previously-made netting.  This causes it to hang differently than if the final row had been net into the loops on the row just finished.

The first row made comprises the loops on the right side of the netting.

How similar would the look be if I made the final row, row 14, into the loops of row 13? So I tried it.

I think they look fairly similar. What do you think?

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