Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Net Edge From the Delineator

I decided to make another of the net edges I linked to recently. This Netted Handkerchief comes from The Delineator, published in The Art of Netting section - No. 62, page 473. The directions were clear and understandable.

There were a couple of problems, one of them of my own making: (1) I wanted to make a section of the edge done in rows (it was made to go around the handkerchief), and (2) the size of the mesh sticks or gauges was vague for two of the sizes. The instructions said, ". . . meshes of three sizes were used in making this design, the largest mesh being 1/4 inch and the other sizes very large; very small steel knitting needles were employed."

Here is the first sample I made of this edge. I started with 8 loops and used size 4 and size 0 knitting needles in addition to the 1/4" mesh stick.

By the end of making this sample I had learned two things: (1) if done in rows, it needed to start with an odd number of loops and (2) the size 4 knitting needle created a mesh that was too close to the same size as the 1/4" mesh stick to have a visible difference.

I tried again. I started with 9 loops and used the 1/4" mesh stick along with size 2 and size 00 knitting needles. I think I like this edge.

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Last week while attending the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival, I was able to finish re-making the doily I named Sunny, but I did not have enough time to starch it until Monday.

Now it is starched and has a diameter of 16.5 inches.

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