Saturday, April 19, 2014

Net Edgings for Handkerchiefs

Last August I purchased some fine linen to make handkerchiefs for my family. One daughter had requested a net edge on a handkerchief for her daughter. I finally finished hemstitching the samples I started eight months ago.

6th one done with square corners
1st one done
5th one done - with mitered corners

If you look carefully you can see why it was a good thing that I did six samples. I have gotten better. Now I'm ready to start on the real handkerchiefs.

First try
Last try

I also need to make some of the edges so my granddaughter and others can choose which net edging they want on their white linen handkerchief.

I decided to make a sample of the edge found here:

International Old Lacer's, published in January 1978, A Practical Use of Netting, Netted Edging (page 70).

One-half and 1/4 inch mesh-sticks. With 1/4-inch stick, make 3 rows plain; 1/2 inch, 1 row plain; 1/4 inch, rose netting, draw 1st loop through 2nd loop and net it, draw 2nd loop through 1st loop and net it, repeat throughout the row; 3 rows plain; 2 rows rose netting; 2 rows rose; 1 row plain; 1/2 inch, 1 row making * 2 sts in one loop, skip 1 st (hold thread slanting on stick when skipping a st), repeat from * around: 1/4 inch, repeat last row.

First I made the larger sample using the mesh sticks it suggested.  Then I made the smaller sample by using mesh sticks half the size of the larger size.

If I were to use just one of these samples as an edge on a handkerchief, I think I would choose the one that used the smaller mesh sticks.  Which would you choose?

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Tony said...

I like the smaller mesh but perhaps a smaller size thread should be used in conjunction withn it. Most edgings I have seeen are not as wide as your example. That is a very ambitious project. I look forward to seeing the results. Cheers. Tony