Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another and Wider Net Edging from The Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction

I tried a second edging from  The Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction, by Laura Valentine and Mrs Aylmer, (published in 1867).  This net edging was called Another and Wider Edging.

Like the one I did last week, this edge is done in a long strip and then the netting is turned on its side. The final two rows of the edging are net into the side.  

It is hard to know what size mesh sticks were used.  The book has a circle for one size and a rectangle for the other.  The problem is that I don't know if the printed copy I made is the same size as the original book.  That could make a difference.  I measured the diameter of the circle (1/4") and the length of the rectangle (3/4") and decided to keep the same ratio, just smaller.  I used a #3 knitting needle, which is close to a 1/8" diameter, and a 3/8" flat mesh.

I also tried making this edge without turning it on the side.  There is certainly a difference in the look of these two edges.   

I did not have time to starch either sample today.  Possibly, when I pin them out and starch them, they will look closer to the same shape.

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