Saturday, November 1, 2014

Netted Fringe from Tatting and Netting

The instructions for Netted Fringe, found on page 112 of Tatting and Netting, by Butterick Publishing Company, looked simple to do.  They were simple to do.  But I could not get what I had made to look like the picture in the book.

The first time I tried the pattern, I did each row with a single strand of thread.

My second attempt used double thread on rows 2 and 4, like the pattern implied.  I chose not to put the fringe on this one and the last attempt because I was in a hurry and the fringe would look the same on each.

For my third try I used a 3/8" mesh stick instead of the 3/4" suggested in the directions for rows 2 and 4. This sample was much closer to what was shown in the book.  I used double thread for rows 2 and 4.

I should probably make one more using the 3/8" mesh and a single strand of thread for the entire pattern before I decide which one is closest to the illustration in the book.  Or more importantly, which one I like more.

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