Saturday, November 22, 2014

Border in Rose and Sheaf Pattern from Tatting and Netting and a Forest Glade

I love the look of the Sheaf Pattern.  This version, from page 113 of Tatting and Netting, uses a combination of netting and crocheting.  I used a #3 knitting needle (the one that is 3mm) and a flat 3/8" mesh stick.  The directions for this edge, the Rose Stitch, and Round Netting were clear and easy to understand.

I recently finished re-making another doily.  I called this one Forest Glade.  When I looked at this doily, I could easily imagine myself standing in a forest glade, looking up through the leaves to see a shining, twinkling star.

When I made it originally, I let my son and his fiancé choose the center, edge, and a few of their favorite netting stitches. It is about 20 inches across and has just over 6,000 knots.

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