Saturday, November 8, 2014

Netted Edging from Tatting and Netting

This Netted Edging is found on page 113 in Tatting and Netting, by Butterick Publishing Company. There are five different patterns in Tatting and Netting named Netted Edging.

Instructions used from Tatting and Netting

This edging is very similar to the pattern found in the Priscilla Netting Book. Besides the fact that I started with twelve loops this time and only six when I made the one from the Priscilla netting book, the only difference I can see is that I used different sized mesh sticks.  In both samples I used a 3/8" mesh stick for the large; however this time I used a #4 knitting needle for the medium mesh stick instead of a #8 knitting needle and a #0 knitting needle for the small mesh stick instead of a #3 knitting needle.

Instructions used from the Priscilla Netting Book

It makes me wonder if the editor of the Priscilla Netting Book used the pattern from Tatting and Netting, if they both came up with the same idea independently, or if they both get it from another source.

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I finished another of the doilies I am making again, Eyelet Lace. 

Eyelet Lace

The Eyelet Lace doily is a variation on the Eyelet doily my grandmother made.  I misread the instructions and did something different. Rather than cut off all the netting between where the mistake was and where I noticed the mistake, I changed the pattern slightly and had a new doily pattern.


Can you find where I went wrong?  It was only two loops, a simple miscounting. What other changes did I make?

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