Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book (2nd edition)

There is no author listed for The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book (2nd edition).  The book was published in 1838.  This makes it one of the oldest knitting and netting books I've seen digitized.

There are six netting patterns included in the book.

  1. Netted Curtain (page 66)
  2. A Net Purse in Points (page 67)
  3. Pattern of a Net Scarf (page 67)
  4. Another Scarf (page 68)
  5. Netted Baby's Cap (page 98)
  6. Corkscrew Netting for a Purse (page 107)

There are also three netting stitches described.

  1. Diamond Netting (page 68)
  2. Single Diamond Netting (page 69)
  3. Tuft Netting (page 70)

I finished one more net laundry bag.  

This time I made it of #24 cotton cord.  

Because it was made of cotton, there was no problem tying the knots - and keeping them tied.  

bottom of the bag
top of the bag

This bag also has cord locks attached to both the top and bottom of the bag.

The meshes are smaller than the ones for the pink laundry bag, but bigger than the ones for the brown bag.  One of these days I will have to see which bag holds more.  They are all the same length when pulled from end to end.

Even though I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with all these bags, at least I know that my instructions are written down correctly.  

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