Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Drawing-Room Magazine or Ladies Book of Fancy Needlework and Choice Literature

Published in 1848, The Drawing-Room Magazine or Ladies Book of Fancy Needlework and Choice Literature, Vol. 1, does not list an author.  I did notice that all of the netting patterns listed below, except for the first Netted Doily on page 6, were designed by Mrs. Warren.

Volume 1 includes six netting patterns.  The digitized copy does not stop at the end of Volume 1.  Instead it continues and includes Volume 2.  Volume 2 includes two more netting patterns.  There is also an illustration of the completed item for most of those patterns.

Volume 1

  1. Netted Doily (page 6)
  2. Netted Under Sleeve And Cuff (page 33)
  3. Knitted Opera Cap with Netted Border (page 34)
  4. Neck Tie in Grecian Netting (page 69)
  5. Pattern for Darning a Netted Bread Cloth, Netted Square (page 99)
  6. Piece of Netted Lace (page 202)
Volume 2
  1. Netted Doyley for a Center, or a Top Dessert Dish (page 2)
  2. Netted Dessert Doyley or Bread Cloth (page 38)

I'm still trying out different patterns and different types of cord for a laundry bag. This week I tried some type 1 parachute cord. Just like the Twisted Polypropylene Rope from last week, this type of parachute cord did not hold the netting knot very well. I finally had to resort to heating each knot to make it hold its shape. I used a heat gun, but an iron would have worked just as well.
This laundry bag could hang permanently from a rod or hook; therefore, the bottom of the bag is made to open and close so the clothes can drop out of the bag when it is time to empty it.  I originally made this bag for one of my young sons.  Space in his room was at a premium, so I hung his laundry bag on the back of his bedroom door.

This time when I made the bag I attached a drawstring and cord lock to both the top and bottom openings.

Bag with top up
Closeup of bag top
Closeup of bottom of bag
Bag with bottom up

On a more seasonal note, I received an email today from someone in Brazil who also makes netting.  She sent me a link to some beautiful Christmas netting done by Enza in Italy.  Netting is truly world-wide.

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