Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Lady's Book of Useful and Ornamental Knitting and Netting Work by Miss Ronaldson

The digitized netting book for this week comes to us through Google Books.  I really appreciate the efforts that are being made to put these older books on-line for all to access.  Years ago, when I was trying to find netting patterns, if the book was not in your local library, you were unable to see it.  Now, with a few key strokes I can view so many.  The version of The Lady's Book of Useful and Ornamental Knitting and Netting Work by Miss Ronaldson that is on-line was published in 1847.

The netting patterns she includes are:
  1. Netted Flower-Stand with a Frill (page 80, item #43)
  2. Small Netted Stand for a Glass of Flowers (page 81, item #44)
  3. Another Small Netted Stand  (page 82, item #45)
  4. Netted Ribbon for the Neck (page 83, item #46)
  5. Very Pretty Netted Scarf (page 84, item #47)
  6. Netted Cover for a Salver (page 85, item #48)
  7. Netted Window Curtain (page 86, item #49)
  8. Netted Pie Napkin (page 87, item #50)
  9. Round Netted Wine Rubber (page 88, item #51)
  10. Netted Wine Rubbers (page 89, item # 520)
  11. Handsome Netted Shawl (page 90, item #53)
  12. Netted Cuffs, with a Frill (page 90, item #54)
  13. A Very Pretty Netted Scarf (page 91, item #55)
  14. Handsome Netted Tippet (page 164, item #98)
  15. Long Netted Window Curtains for a Drawing Room (page 165, item #99)
  16. Netted Victorine (page 174, item #104)
Miss Ronaldson used several different names for items we would probably call a doily.  They included a stand, cover, napkin, and rubber.  She had patterns for a tippet, which is a narrow stole or scarf, and a victorine, which is a tippet with long narrow ends.  She did include an illustration of the Netted Victorine in the book.

This week I finished a beaded snood or hairnet, the one on the left.  

Unlike the other beaded snoods I have made recently, this one is supposed to cover all the hair.

The one on the left uses 6mm beads, while the one on the right uses 4mm beads.

(See more information about this snood.)

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