Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas Poem - 2012

Here is the latest of our annual Christmas poems.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family.

Perfect Praise

The final rehearsal has come to a close,
But we’ll not be leaving till everyone knows
When we will be singing, when we will perform
So we’ll be prepared in our very best form.

Shhhh.  Everyone listen.  Now what did they say?
We’re performing tonight!  There’s no time for delay!
Before we perform I must be at my best.
Where’s my special outfit?  It needs to be pressed.

But that being said, I perceive and confess
There are things more important than my outward dress.
If the light in my soul can reflect on my face,
Then I ought to let God fill my soul with His grace!

While my voice tries to blend in harmonious accord
With the choir, is my own heart in tune with the Lord?
Though my technique be flawless, do I also take care
To serve God and all others with pure love and prayer?

While I must admit that I wouldn't mind perfection
In wardrobe and voice, still I hope the inspection
Of what is unseen but of greater import
May, with God’s loving grace, not be found to fall short.

The moment’s arrived!  It’s time that we bring
Ourselves to the place where we’re going to sing.
Now that I’m dressed in my grandest attire,
I’ll warm up my voice for my part in the choir.

Oh look.  Here’s the field where we’re supposed to perform;
The sky’s full of stars; there’s no sign of a storm.
Oh where is the audience?  No one’s in view
Except for some sheep and a few shepherds too.

The choir has all gathered; we’re ready to start
Once it’s been explained that we’re here to impart
Good news to all beings above and below,
Glad tidings that angels and mortals should know.

Proclaim to these herdsmen!  Sing out ye vast throng!
Our Savior is born!   Let’s praise him in glad song!
Sing grand alleluias that all men may hear,
That they may rejoice and be filled with good cheer!

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