Saturday, October 8, 2011

Netting around the Net

About a year ago I found a marvelous netting needle.  I mentioned it in a post.  Then one day I went to look at it again and it was gone.  Today I learned that the shop is back up, including the English version.  It was great to see the netting needle again.  Now I get to start saving my pennies again.

Today I also found that Barry Brown has updated his blog.  While browsing in his net making section I found a wonderful looking hammock.  Now, to get him to share his pattern.

I've been working on the videos for Netting, More or Less.  I'm got two left to finish and they are both partially done. I would love to finish them up on Monday and Tuesday, but I've promised my son to work on a Mistborn cloak for Halloween on Monday.  He doesn't think I can get it done in a day.  We'll see.


Avital said...

Gasp! I'm sure it's a great netting needle but what a price! Makes me wonder whether it's possible to make a similar one.

Rita said...

I suspect the 19% tax has a bit to do with the price.

I also wondered about making one myself. When I compared the cost in time and effort to learn how and then to create such a needle to the price of the needle, I decided to start saving my pennies.