Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black and White Snoods, Finished Videos

Several years ago I made some black and white snoods.  I had fun putting black bows on white snoods and white bows on black snoods.  I put a black bow on a black and white snood, but I forgot to put a white bow on the black and white snood.  Well, last week I took care of that problem.

 I made a black and white snood and put a white bow in it.  

As I was looking through my snood photos, I realized that I had never posted my flat bow snood.  So, even though I made it a while back, here is a different bow variation.

This week I didn't get much netting done.  Instead, I worked on my son's Halloween costume - not quite finished. I also worked on the last two instructional videos for my "Netting, More or Less" class - FINISHED!  If you look at the syllabus for the course, you will notice that I already have the patterns completed.  That just leaves the video transcripts.  I plan to put photos with them this week.

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